Brickowner's Updated Website

We have been working hard at Brickowner and are finally ready to launch our new website as part of our plan to make property investment available to a wider range of investors, just in time for a new year of property investment.
If you have visited the site in the last week you may have noticed a cleaner and more intuitive feel. We now provide more information about the developers and property managers we work with. In addition, you can now gauge levels of exposure and potential returns, using the sliders on the property investment page, the aim being to make it easier for you to make investment decisions.
We have also created an area for developers, asset managers and investor networks to get in contact to explore raising with us.
With our next update, due to be released early next year, we are bringing it all together with an overhaul of the investor dashboards. We are adding progress reports for our refer a friend scheme, and investor updates and tax statements will now be downloadable.
We will keep you informed as these improvements are added.