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Leverage the power of Brickowner’s technology and market knowledge

Our end-to-end technology, professional team and security documents give you the simple and secure tools to assess, invest and manage.

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Brickowner enables individual high net-worth and sophisticated investors to access professional property investments and the opportunity to buy and sell throughout an investment’s term on the secondary market.

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Now you can harness the power of our technology to seamlessly manage your investors whilst efficiently meeting your capital requirements.

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How Brickowner Works

Self Certify and Join Brickowner

It takes minutes to create a Brickowner account. Once you have completed your investor profile and self-certified through our platform you will be able to access our open investment campaigns and secondary market.

Joining Brickowner also gives you access to our community through events, newsletters and whitepapers.

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Discover Investment Opportunities

Investment opportunities range from portfolios, developments, multiple projects and property-backed lending portfolios. You can access webinars and information about the campaigns through our platform and ask questions.

To begin investing, you first of all need to add funds to your online wallet, which is provided through our payment provider, MangoPay. Once you have done this, you can allocate funds to your chosen investment.

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Once the total funding target has been met for your chosen investment, the investment will go live and you will begin to be updated on the project or portfolio through your dashboard.

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Buy and Sell Investments Through The Secondary Market

Throughout your investment term, you have the option to use the secondary market to offer your investment for sale to the Brickowner investor community. You also have the opportunity to top up your investments through the secondary market.

Redeem Your Investments

Projected investment terms vary between one and five years, at the end of which your investment will redeem. Once completed, any returns will be transferred to your Brickowner wallet for you to withdraw or reinvest.

Please note that investment returns are not guaranteed, and your capital and any returns are at risk.

Completed Investments

On completion, any returns will be paid to investors although, please note, investments can go down as well as up and returns are not guaranteed. Investors will have access to their full investment history and the opportunity to invest into similar projects.

Investment OutlineProfessionally managed student complex
Actual return21.9% over 27 months (9.73% annual return)
Investment OutlineMixed use development
Actual return8% over 1 year
Investment OutlinePortfolio of asset backed property loans
Actual return25.05% over 3 years months (8.35% annual return)

Why Invest With Brickowner

We combine our property industry knowledge, network and technology to provide you with a straightforward property investment experience.

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Access professionally managed property investments from £500
Ability to buy and sell existing Brickowner investments through our secondary market
Stringent due diligence process
Secure and seamless technology
Opportunity to diversify your portfolio
Exclusive events and newsletters

What Our Investors Say

"They have instilled trust in me as both a platform user and developing investor. Information is forthcoming, clear and transparent. Professional, regular communication is also afforded and respect for time and space for decision making."
I invested into this platform over a year ago. As soon as I invested I received an email and call from a client manager who talked me through the whole platform and benefits. I have invested in a few properties now and all are forecasted to make a great return. Very glad I made this investment decision.
As an investor in property, I find this platform easy to use, provides the right level of detail on each investment so that I can make an informed decision. Brickowner provides investors excellent personal support from investor managers. But three aspects of the service I appreciate most is that Brickowner (1) conducts detailed due diligence on each investment opportunity before selecting them to be available on the investment platform and (2) normally obtains equity stake on the property to ensure the investment is backed by the developments and (3) monitors the developers during development and if necessary will step in to help complete the development should the developers have any issues.

The Future of Property Investment

Our goal is to make investing in property investments inclusive, transparent and seamless.

Ring Fenced Investments
Your investments are ring-fenced and separated from the assets and liabilities of Brickowner Limited. Each property investment is made via a UK limited company that is distinct from Brickowner Limited.
We are much more than a property crowdfunding platform that simply acts as a conduit for investing. Brickowner is a service, that aims to monitor the investments on our investors’ behalf and keep them updated at each step.
Investment opportunities range across commercial and residential property. We offer opportunities to invest in senior and mezzanine lending and equity opportunities

Want to Know More?

Our dedicated investment team are on hand to answer any of your questions