Meet our Investors

Hear what our investors have to say about Brickowner! We have recently spoken to a number of our members and thought you would like to hear their thoughts too:
Anthony 52 from Kent. I am an IT Systems Manager at an investment bank. 
I came on board at Brickowner and have invested in their first two properties, since the beginning of the year. Dividends have been paid on schedule meeting the projections described- it’s great to receive what was projected!
I invested with Brickowner as they were recommended by a friend, I am interested in property investment, having owned a BTL which I now live in. Recent tax changes and the hassle of managing my own property meant that I wanted to change the way I invested. I like the idea of spreading my investment between different types of properties in different locations. I am using this as part of my pension to build up a pot of income for when I am older.
Having invested in a number of funds and assets, I have found property crowdfunding to be easy to use and transparent, I have learned over the last 30 years that it is useful to understand where my money is invested and what I am being charged, I have found Brickowner has helped me to do so.
Whilst there is always an element of risk in any investment, I understand I need to spread the amount I invest regularly. The team at Brickowner are approachable and are always ready to answer my questions. Their blog provides a good introduction and useful updates on the property market.
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Christine 58 from South East London. I am a retired currently working as a charity worker, after selling my own business.
After retiring from running my own business I was lucky enough to amass a sum of money which I wished to invest. I was eager to invest in an investment that I could understand and could provide a bit of security through my retirement. Property was a perfect choice and this new way to invest allows me to put in smaller sums of money in various houses. It’s always good to understand what and where I invest!
I signed up to Brickowner and have found they have made investing simple.
I have invested around £5,000 to date through Brickowner and intend to continue to invest further sums as more properties come up. It’s great to own property with a number of other investors and there is a real sense of community.
It is great to access these properties and invest smarter without having to work with a financial advisor (who often seemed to complicate things). Every month I receive an email detailing my income and I can check my online statements whenever I need.
I’m looking forward to seeing the next property! Keep up the great work!
James 31 from Tumbridge Wells. I am a doctor looking for somewhere to invest.
I invested with Brickowner as the returns from my savings were really low (0.3%!), I carried out a lot of research before putting my money somewhere. Whilst there were a number of investment platforms offering higher returns, I found out through friends that these were often reduced by hidden costs, or that in some cases they had lost money through the risks they took on when investing. Brickowner provides me with reasons stable returns each month and I don’t want to take on the risk of receiving more.
I invested to receive capital growth, I am eager to invest for the long term and aim to keep doing so regularly until I retire. If I see a property I like I am able to invest within two minutes and it only takes 5 minutes to review my portfolio each month.
I like the idea of saving through property, having just bought one myself. Given the difficulty, I had putting together a deposit for my first property I realised I didn’t want to go through that process again. Using Brickowner I can get similar returns by putting in from as little as £100, it’s great!
The team are always friendly when I have a question and I like that I’m not inundated with daily e-mails but get the right amount of information I need to keep saving!