Welcome to the Team: Hugo Fairey

Brickowner is thrilled to welcome Hugo Fairey as our new Head of Marketing. Hugo brings to the company a wealth of experience. He helped build a successful startup himself, worked with leading estate agents, and worked on the management of both the digital and print editions of ‘The Resident Magazine’.
We talked to Hugo about joining the team and what he is looking forward to once he is here.
What experience do you want to bring to Brickowner?
Over the last five years, I created and launched the wine, spirits and beer comparison site Bring a Bottle, taking the business from startup to 125,000 organic visits. Previously, I worked for over 6 years in the property sector in a variety of sales and marketing roles. My experience included managing both the print and digital editions of Argent Media’s flagship property title ‘The Resident Magazine’ where I worked closely with some of the country’s leading estate agents and developers, implementing our marketing plan. Prior to this, I cut my teeth as an estate agent in central London. My knowledge both of building a startup and working the property sector will feed into my work on developing Brickowner’s marketing activities and brand awareness.
What attracted you to work at Brickowner?
Everyone is aware how the internet has opened up goods and services to people who didn’t have access to them in the past. Brickowner embodies this by empowering smaller investors to invest in a way that was previously closed to them. I like this democratisation, opening up new markets for everyone. Tech in the UK property market is creating fantastic opportunities for the right companies. It’s an exciting time and I was keen to be a part of this change.
What do you hope to achieve with Brickowner?
In 2018 I’ll be working on the planned roll-out of the marketing strategy, and helping grow the user base. I’ve already learned that the launch so far was basically a Beta, to see how it worked and test the platform. That has been really successful, and it looks like Brickowner actually got ahead of its plans, so I’ll be working hard now to take the site to a wider market, grow the users, and therefore grow the business.

What is do you do in your spare time?
I enjoy country walks, cooking and the occasional box set. Along with a bit of rugby and powerboating- weather permitting!
If you could buy any house in the world where would you live and why?
Anywhere on the water as long as I could go boating.