Fred Bristol interview with

‘Hobnobbing’ with our CEO Fred Bristol on’ were interested to learn everything they can about our property crowdfunding platform Brickowner and Kareema Ali from the site recently interviewed our CEO Fred Bristol.
When asked about the success of Brickowner so far, Fred told Kareema “after launching in early 2017 we have continued to move from strength to strength. We have successfully funded our first property, launched our second. Now that we have tested and validated our platform amongst a smaller group of users we are now focussing on the growth of the platform over 2017.”
Fred decided to set up a property investment and crowdfunding platform as he believes that “this is the future of investing. Using the efficiency of a digital platform means smaller investors can cluster together like this to invest into larger property deals, which were previously out of their reach.”
Fred is confident that 2017 will be the first of many successful years for Brickowner, given the development of technology, the growth of crowdfunding and the value of property investments over the past year.
You can find the full interview with Fred here.